We use our own 24/7-maintained complement of world-leading production equipment. Recent additions include the brand new Sony F55 Super 35mm HD/2K/4K CineAlta Camera, equipped with a vast selection of ARRI Ultra Prime lenses.

Plus, the Canon C300 camcorder, one Canon 5D MkIII and two Canon 5D Mk II camera bodies; all supported by 22 prime and zoom Canon L Series film lenses. And, the Sony HDW-750 HDCAM camera, coupled with the Fujinon HD long ‘drama’ and ultra-wide lenses and Sony HD SDI location monitor, partnered with full HD Sennheiser audio microphones and Shure location mixers.

We own a large selection of industry-leading ARRI film production lights from the ARRI Daylight 2.5K and 1.2k HMIs, to a wide selection of ARRI Pocket Pars, and KinoFlo set ups.

We also own world-class grips, using the Cine2000 Sachtler tripod with accompanying Cine30 HD fully rotating head, the Matthews Burbank Dolly, Munich jib arm and a full complement of C-Stands, clamps and other grips essentials; including the 20ft x 20ft Chromakey portable Green Screen studio.

Another recent addition is the inclusion of a 4K Drone that allows aerial photography at a whole new level. With separate pilot and camera functionality, it is capable of delivering complex moves at various altitudes with unprecedented control and quality.